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So I'm laying here, trying to sleep, and I have this thought that I just can't get out of my head. SO I figure I might as well write about it, and then maybe I'll be able to go to sleep.

I dont' understand the concept of "selling out." I mean, a group gets into the music business, and they're playing various places in order to be heard, and to play. And then some label hears them play, and wants them to sign. So they do. And everyone jumps down their throats for "selling out" and abandoning their fan base. What kind of crap is that? A group of people join together to make a band. Maybe they're friends before, and are just doing it because, maybe they have a passion for music and want to be heard, or maybe they have a message they want to get out to all those people who wouldn't hear them if they were just speaking out, and music is their vehicle. Good for them. Now, in every career, one of the goals is to be able to work on your profession without having to deal with other things like jobs that make it so you can pay the rent. So a group goes out there and takes gigs in the evenings and nights and weekends, so that they don't interfere with the job they hold down to pay the bills. But then, then they get discovered. And someone wants to pay them money to make the music they love to make. So they don't have to work the crap jobs they've hated anymore, because what they love can now support them. And people shout them down for selling out. I don't see anyone jumping down the throats of someone who loves biology or anatomy when they become doctors. "OH NO!!! Those damn doctors are making lots of money [hopefully] doing what they enjoy!! How could they have sold out so?!?" Or perhaps lawyers? Why is it only artists who seem to have this invariable flaw that says Making money is Wrong? Why must WE remain poor and starving? Is it just to promote the image that one must suffer for one's art? Well, that's entirely bullshit. I want to make money singing. And you know what? I don't care what I sing. I don't care if it's opera or classical or pop or rock or what-have-you. I want to do it because I love to sing, and to be able to sing to the exclusion of other jobs, well, that would be fantastic. Why should I be penalized because what I'm good at is one of the few things that people call "selling out" when money is made?

And that actually brings me to another point. What's with those people who proclaim they're better or part of some special crowd just because they knew a group before they became famous? "Oh boy, I knew Raging Ballsacks back when they played out of their garage with crappy instruments, and weren't all good." Woopdiedoo!! Just because I didnt' grow up anywhere near a group and so didn't actually learn about them until they became more mainstream, doesn't mean that I'm any less of a fan. And I'll thank you to not look down your noses at me like I'm a poser or I'll wipe that smirk and stuck up air right off your face.

Ok. For some reason, I was in a bitchy mood, and just needed to rant. Thank you for listening to "Shawn shouts about things that are annoying." If you missed this show, the next show will be completely different, cause there's the greatest of chances that I won't be ranting, and will be happy-go-lucky. :)

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